Virus Alert!

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597620_office__workstationA new virus has managed to furtively place malicious Javascript code on thousands of popular websites such as, and  Known as Gumblar, JSRedir-R, Martuz and Beladin, the virus tries to infect site visitors through Internet Explorer and then attempts to use their PC to spread the infection to other sites using the computer’s FTP client.

Once a PC is running this malware, the hacker code tries to trick the user into opening infected PDF and Flash files.  Once opened, the infected files install a keylogger or other malware.  In the case of Gumblar, Google search results in IE are rewritten so that the links point to hacker sites laded with infected PDF and Flash files without the user even knowing it.

To protect yourself, follow these steps:

1.  Use firewall protection

2. Install security software and scan your computer regularly.  If you are using an XP machine, scan to see if your file has become infected by downloading FileAlyzer at:

3. Don’t use Internet Explorer! (especially IE6) Use Firefox instead which is much more secure

4. Make sure your Adobe Reader, Acrobat and Flash player have all the latest patches.

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