Types of Flash Templates

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Flash is the technology introduced by Macromedia in the mid-90s, which is pointed at bringing interactivity to the Web. It is used for creating headers, banners and other web page elements which will make up an eye-catching live web presence. Flash allows web masters to establish advanced functional website without rich programming experience, with the help of specially designed flash templates. At present you can find flash templates of different types, each of which will be appropriate for a certain kind of project. We will consider the most common of them – Flash CMS and Flash Intro templates.

*Flash CMS templates* are built with the help of Content Management System and contain a set of facilities for manipulating your website content. They will become an excellent solution both for personal web pages and commercial projects. The main advantage of Flash CMS templates is the possibility to add and edit your content according to your needs with the help of special control panel. If you want to establish an online photo gallery to display your artworks Flash CMS templates will certainly come in handy, providing you with all necessary options for manipulating photos, creating image categories, editing descriptions to them and much more. If you have launched some e-commerce website there Flash CMS templates provide a lot of facilities for modifying your content – you are allowed to add logo and company name, include and edit contact and copyright information. You can also use control panel for sending messages to your customers, add news to your website, remove pages etc. Flash CMS Templates are distinguished by great usability and will save your time and efforts while establishing a website.

Another type, *Flash Intro templates*,is a perfect basis for any commercial website due to their peculiar facilities of presenting commercial content. This type of templates is distinguished by flash intro – a small animation which highlights the best qualities of your products or services and help you promote your business online in the most efficient way. Live action implemented within Flash Intro templates will make a striking impression both on your clients and collaborators, showing them the high quality of your services, which makes Flash Intro templates an ideal choice for any corporate website.

So if you want to start up stunning dynamic website satisfying both your personal and commercial needs, Flash Templates will always become a brilliant solution, providing you with superior design and incomparable functionality in one.

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