SEO Tips: No Follow, No Good?

By Posted in - Web Design Tips on July 16th, 2009 0 Comments

If you have been a devout user of the nofollow attribute to pass the link juice..guess what?  According to Matt Cutts, (aka Google god) this method hasn’t been working for quite some time.  He has indicated that for example, if you have 10 links on a page and no follow 5 of them, you will lose 50% of your page rank juice.  Yikes.

But he also states there is no “stigma” using no-follow; Google just drops the no-follow links out of their link graph. “You can use it to eliminate links to sign-in pages and things like that, but it’s a far better use of your time to have information architecture, or a site architecture, that makes it so that the pages that you want to have PageRank, the pages you want to be crawled, are fairly close in terms of number of links from, say, the root of your site,” states Matt.  So note to all no-follow lovers:  Times are a-changing.  Nofollow-based PageRank sculpting is no longer the most efficient use of your time.

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