SEO Tips: Do you three-way?

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If you have a website and know anything about how Google works, you know that in order to get your site at the top of the SERP’s, you must have quality content and backlinks pointing to your site. It used to be that in order to get links of any kind, webmasters would engage in reciprocal backlinks—“you link to my site” and “I will link to yours.” But in recent years, it seems that Google has started to cancel ranking power and dish out penalties when using reciprocal linking. One way to avoid this and still get a good quality score is implementing three way linking. Three way linking is quite simply a back link acquisition method. By linking three sites (A->B and B->C and C->A), you not only avoid direct reciprocal back links but ensure that all three sites are getting a link. One site that employs this method for PHP sites is

Automatic backlinks is a free system that works on the basis of “Link Credit”. The more links you display on your own pages, the more credit you earn and the more backlinks you get. Sites must have at least a Page Rank of 1, and the program uses a sophisticated algorithm to create multi-way links between the pages and sites in the system. You can specify keywords, topics, minimum page rank, language and more. It’s an easy method to get backlinks and improve your search engine rankings in the process. Some may see this as a way to artificially boost link popularity, but when leveraged judiciously with relevant websites, a three-way linking strategy can help get a jump on the competition and give your website a much needed traffic boost.

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