Is your site “click” friendly?

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Every person at one time or another has run into the “unnecessary click syndrome” when visiting a website.   Whether it’s a lack of common sense, developer apathy, or a simple oversight, superfluous clicking can have a negative impact on conversion rates and quite simply, irritate the heck out of the user.  Below are a few examples you want to avoid when creating your website:

  1.  Too many clicks:  This may seem obvious, but I have visited many websites where it takes 5 to 6 clicks just to set up a profile or fill out a simple form.   Usually the mantra is “No more than 2 clicks to get to the end result.”    But if this is impossible, try to at least shorten your clicks without compromising the user’s experience.
  2. Just say no to “false” clicks:  I hate clicking on text or buttons that look clickable, but aren’t.  The bottom line:  Don’t make non-linked text look like a clickable link (ie underlined text)  or use icons that look clickable but aren’t.  It’s annoying to your reader and can really mess with their psyche.
  3. The Manual 301 click:  If you have moved a page or two on your site, don’t make the user work by clicking on a link to redirect them.  Use an automatic redirect for a moved page instead.  Users are much happier if you do the work for them.
  4. The “surprise ad” click: Newspaper sites do this all the time—and it drives me nuts.  You go to click on a link and suddenly this monstrosity of an ad fills the screen, and before you know it, you have clicked on the ad by mistake.  Not only are you forcing your readers to use extra clicks, but it’s a downright nuisance.  We all know that advertising can pay the bills, but try to be a bit more clever.  Users that have negative experience, even with something minor, will most likely not be a returning customer.    

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