How to increase your online sales

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You have just created your online store with thousands of products, beautiful pictures and keyword rich descriptions. But for some reason, you aren’t converting as many sales as you would like. It could be the product you are selling, but more than likely, your store does not have optimum usability. Here are some ways to make your store more user-friendly and increase your online sales:

1. Have a visible search box – Some people enjoy browsing through an online store, but the majority are “search dominant”. They want to find what they’re looking for quickly rather than browsing through hundreds of products. Make sure you have a simple and functional search box that is prominent and consistent on every page. Without it, your customers will immediately leave and move on to your competitor’s website.

2. Have helpful search results – There is nothing more frustrating than doing a search and getting a page of results that have nothing to do with a chosen keyword. Make sure your search results are accurate, support common misspellings and offer alternative search terms to make the user’s search as quick and painless as possible.

3. Make registration optional-not required – When a customer wants to buy a product, the worst thing you can do is to force them to register. This creates a barrier between the customer and the check-out page and can easily persuade them to abandon their shopping cart. Instead, show them the benefits of registering, such as convenience and increased security, while still leaving the choice to the customer. You will be surprised on how much your sales increase and how many of your visitors actually do register on your site.

4. Be upfront about out of stock items– If you don’t have an item in stock, let the customer know right away-not 2 days later through email. When a customer knows immediately that an item is on backorder, they may not be happy, but at least you avoid the possibility of that customer canceling their order or complaining to customer service. Not only being upfront about inventory, but notifying a customer when an item has been restocked, makes for an easier and more friendly shopping experience.

5. Have enough products on each page –  A great way to increase sales is to get customers to look at more products at any given visit. If you have 100 products and only 10 products per page, you are making your visitors do more work. Try to display as many products as possible, (without overloading them) or better yet, give the customer the option of how many products they want to view at once.

Ultimately, your shopping cart should be easy for your visitors to use and persuade them to be a repeat customer. Eliminating common usability problems from your website is the first step to increasing your bottom line.

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