Who is visiting your website?

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Do you know if anyone is visiting your website? If they are, do you know where your visitors are coming from, who referred them, or what browser they were using? Do you know what the top pages of your site are? Understanding website traffic and behavior is crucial to any goal-oriented business so that you know how to best meet the needs of your visitors and potential customers. There are many different traffic analyzers out there-some free and some not, but one of my favorites is StatCounter. Not only is it free, but its invisible, highly configurable and gives real-time detailed web stats. With Statcounter you can find out what keywords visitors use to find your site, your most popular pages, links used to reach your site, what countries your visitors come from, and how visitors navigate through your site. I have used StatCounter with many of my clients’ websites, and I love the flexibility and ease of use.

Another traffic analyzer to consider is the popular Google Analytics. (GA) This is also a free service that generates detailed statistics about your visitors. However, it’s a bit more robust than other analyzers in that a webmaster can optimize AdWords advertisements and marketing campaigns through the use of GA’s analysis. GA also offers bounce rate reports, (how many people come to your site and immediately leave) site overlays and visitor type contributions. (how much time returning visitors are spending on the site vs. new ones) Currently GA offers about 80 different reports, which can be overwhelming to some, but extremely beneficial to a high-powered business. If you really want to know Google Analytics inside and out, you can take a free online training lesson by clicking here.

And for those who are convinced that “free” stuff is never as good as paying for something, check out OpenTracker at http://www.opentracker.net. For about $19.95 per month, (plus a 4 week free trial) you can basically get the same info as Google Analytics with a couple of more bells and whistles and easy to read reports.

Regardless of who you use to analyze your traffic, web analytics can help you drive more traffic to your site, convert visitors into customers, and improve traffic flow. Although deciphering these stats can be time consuming and sometimes tedious, it has become a necessary component in website marketing.

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