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Do you want to get on the first page of Google quickly with a certain keyword?  Of course!  Everyone does.  What many people don’t know, however, is that there are two main determining considerations you need to evaluate that will make or break your search engine optimization goals: # of competitors and strength of competitors.

When trying to choose keywords and determining whether or not you can rank for that particular keyword, you first must determine how many competing pages there are for that keyword.  There are several different tools on the market today that can do this for you quickly and efficiently such as Market Samurai.  Or you can go to Google, type your keyword/keyword phrase in quotes and see how many competing pages exist.  Ideally you want a keyword or keyword phrase that has good traffic and 30,000 competing pages or less in order to rank quickly.  If the keyword you are targeting has 1,000,000 competing pages, you will expend a lot of time, resources and money on trying to rank.

Once you have found a keyword that has few competing pages, you then want to determine the strength of your competitors.  Quite simply, you must size up the top 10 competitors in Google for that keyword/keyword phrase without quotes.  Factors you want to look at include:

1.  Page rank –Sites that have low page rank will be much easier to beat
2.  Title Tags – Google gives greater weight to those that have the keyword in their title
3.  Meta Descriptions
4.  Heading tags
5.  Keyword in URL
6.  # of Backlinks pointing to that url
7.  # of domain backlinks
8.  # of .gov and .edu backlinks
9.  # of DMOZ and Yahoo backlinks

You will also want to evaluate the page ranks of inbound links and the anchor text relevance of those backlinks, remembering that quality always outranks quantity with Google.  Finding out all of this information can be time consuming and overwhelming, so using software such as Market Samurai or Micro Niche Finder are wonderful tools for finding out this information.  Knowing your competitors inside and out as well as what battles you can win are key to getting your website ranked and becoming a force to be reckoned with.

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