Do you have the right “call to action” button?

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Most people or companies who run a website want the users to do something more than view content. They may want them to buy a product, sign up for a newsletter, or download an e-book. But in order to do that, you need to have a call to action button. Call to action buttons not only grab the attention of the user, but are an effective way to make clear exactly what you want the customer to do.  Do you have the right “call to action” button for your website?  Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Verbiage
Keep the text on the button short and snappy. Phrases such as “Sign Up now” or “Get a Quote” are short, understandable and direct. Always use action verbs and try to explain the value behind the action.  In the example below, the website “Remember the Milk” uses a call to action on their front page that is simple and noticeable.


2. Color
Colorful and bright buttons always grab attention. Colors such as bright orange, green and yellow have proven to be the most effective colors for buttons. Depending on your color scheme, make sure there is enough contrast between the button color and your background and between the button color and your call to action text. The website has a good example of using color to grab attention.  Their use of a orange/yellow gradient makes the button really stand out.


3. Size
The size of something on a webpage generally dictates how important the element is on the page so make sure your call to action button is big enough for the user to see. The button should be obvious, not subtle.

4. Images
The use of an icon on a button can draw the eye to the button and add extra emphasis.  Firefox does a wonderful job of using icons.  Not only does the icon give the button more ‘panache’ but you can’t help but notice it on the page.


5. Position
Your users should not have to search for your call to action button. Be consistent with placement on every page so the user is left with no doubt about where to click.

Depending on the objective and color scheme of a website, every call to action button will be different.  But by implementing these simple tips, you just might be surprised on how much your conversion rate could improve.

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