Cloaking Text

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One of the key elements of a sales or squeeze page is trying to eliminate too much scrolling below the fold because of an abundance of text that distracts the consumer from buying your product. However, you still want keyword-rich text to get a high quality score from Google. How do you accomplish this? Simple—cloaking text. Now before any SEO experts get into an uproar about how this is blackhat SEO, this method is used all the time on YouTube to hide video descriptions.

Here is how it works:

Insert this javascript into the head tags of your webpage:

Also insert this CSS into the head tags:

What this script does is that it uses CSS to make the text contained within a div class hidden. You then supply an ID name to the second part of the script to create a “link” that people can click on to view the text.

Read More

Make sure you have the same ID tag in both the div and the Toggle Visibility brackets to link up the anchor text with the show/hide functionality of a particular block of text.

When the “link” (in the above example its called “Read More”) is clicked, the text is revealed. So instead of completing hiding the text from the consumer which can never be read (a no-no for Google), you are providing a link for consumers to “read more” if they so desire. It’s called “killing two birds with one stone.” You get a high quality score because of keyword rich content, but all that content isn’t distracting the consumer from the point of sale. Just another nifty “gray hat” SEO trick that just may help you beat out your competition!

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