Build Negative Keywords Lists

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One way to connect with your best keywords is to figure out ways you DON’T want Google to associate with your brand or company. To expand your negative keywords list, use the Search Query report in Google Analytics.  This will give you insight into what queries your potential customers are using to find a product. For example, one of my clients does window and storefront glass, but does not do auto glass. Adding “auto glass” as one of their negative keywords will help to steer away customers who are only looking for that service. Or let’s say you are a premium provider and you don’t want customers looking for bargains.  You may want to add negative keywords such as:  “bargain, cheap, clearance, close out”  to your list. 

If you aren’t sure how to add these negative keywords in Adwords, Google has a great tutorial at:

Adding these negative keywords to your PPC account is a great way to prevent wasted clicks from the wrong target audience which in turn will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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