Web Design Tips: 5 favorite webmaster tools

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Are you a web designer or webmaster looking for online tools to make your life easier? Here are five of my favorites:

1. BrowserCam
To see what your website looks like in a variety of browsers and platforms, check out Browsercam. For a nominal fee, you can test your site on any browser, operating system, PDA or Blackberry, create screenshots, and check dynamic functionality.

2. Color Combos
Stumped on what colors to use? Check out www.colorcombos.com This site will allow you to test different color combinations to see how they work together on the screen. Choose colors from the combo library or grab a color from another website using their free tool.

3. Htmlvalidator.com
A professional standalone for Windows that validates XHTML, HTML, CSS and accessibility. Also includes a link checker, spell checker, accessibility checker, built-in editor, and checks for search engine issues.

4. HTML Tidy
Not only does HTML tidy convert HTML to XHTML, it validates your markup and fixes any problems.

5. CMS Made Simple
An open source Content Management system based on Smart PHP templates which is flexible and simple to use. Great for making corporate websites a breeze to build.

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