SEO Tips: 3 easy SEO tactics for your website

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a dynamic process which always has evolving trends and techniques for high Page Rank and search engine placement. Here are three easy SEO tactics that you may or may not be using for your website:

Rel=Nofollow Tag:
Although the rel=nofollowtag was introduced by Google as a means to counter link spam you can also try using this tag if you want your internal pages to receive “link juice” or Google Page Rank. The primary function of this tag is to instruct most search engines that a link should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. For example, if you only want to promote a sales page and not your privacy policy page, putting a rel=nofollow tag on any link that points to your privacy page forces all other “link juice” to your other pages. In addition, if you have several domains, this tactic can be used to pass on the most link juice to the domains most in need of higher rankings.

301 Redirects:
Although this is primarily known as a search engine friendly way to transfer an existing domain to a new domain, 301 redirects can also be used as an SEO technique. 301 redirects can be used to mask your incoming links from your competitors. By utlizing this technique, you can keep your competition guessing as to how many incoming links you really have pointing to your website and thus stay on top the search engine results pages. (SERP) 301 Redirects can also be used to mask affiliate links which can lower your PR score if you have alot of them. For more information on how to create a 301 Redirect visit:

Sponsored Reviews:
If you have a product, site or service you want to promote, paid reviews can be a good way to intiate traffic for a new site and gain new links. Sites such as provide writers and bloggers who will review your product or service based on the criteria and price you establish. Some would argue that this is not an effective way to get high PageRank, and of course, if not implemented properly, can ruin your reputation, so careful monitoring is essential to make sponsored reviews work for you.

As with any SEO technique, know the risk vs. rewards and observe your competition to see what methods they are employing for top placement. As everyone knows, strong SEO takes patience, commitment and a variety of strategies to get your website to the top and leave your competition in the dust. Happy SEOing!

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